Machine Head Cheats For PlayStation

  1. More Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    6H9DAOQJ2F Final Level
    SQDZFO5TJJ World 1.2
    HYM7GODECM World 1.3
    EPPGHOXWDQ World 1.4

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre, Mike Truitt 

  2. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    UP405 Final Stage (Easy)
    2MP3P Final Stage (Hard)
    C42R1 Final Stage (Normal)
    Q58NM Stage 1-2 (Easy)
    4HWGE Stage 1-2 (Hard)
    LDZCQ Stage 1-2 (Normal)
    TDM75 Stage 1-3 (Easy)
    X06BE Stage 1-3 (Hard)
    UH8OT Stage 1-3 (Normal)
    VO1PP Stage 1-4 (Easy)
    H4ULJ Stage 1-4 (Hard)
    JCP6V Stage 1-4 (Normal)
    0F20F Stage 2-1 (Easy)
    OE95W Stage 2-1 (Hard)
    0HX8Y Stage 2-1 (Normal)
    42W3T Stage 2-2 (Easy)
    5K5H7 Stage 2-2 (Hard)
    JGK-P Stage 2-2 (Normal)
    VR4T2 Stage 2-3 (Easy)
    SHCMM Stage 2-3 (Hard)
    6EZD5 Stage 2-3 (Normal)
    1NBCX Stage 2-4 (Easy)
    PA3K1 Stage 2-4 (Hard)
    CXVI6 Stage 2-4 (Normal)
    ZF0XD Stage 2-5 (Easy)
    Q2NGZ Stage 2-5 (Hard)
    Y5KXJ Stage 2-5 (Normal)
    2XVSD Stage 3-1 (Easy)
    S2MF- Stage 3-1 (Hard)
    AHO3J Stage 3-1 (Normal)
    W0J8H Stage 3-2 (Easy)
    -7FRU Stage 3-2 (Hard)
    3Y8-D Stage 3-2 (Normal)
    THYDH Stage 3-3 (Easy)
    3CZFK Stage 3-3 (Hard)
    0MZDU Stage 3-3 (Normal)
    1SOJ3 Stage 3-4 (Easy)
    V2MW8 Stage 3-4 (Hard)
    130BP Stage 3-4 (Normal)
    YCTS6 Stage 4-1 (Easy)
    28SD1 Stage 4-1 (Hard)
    PUUKS Stage 4-1 (Normal)
    Q29LH Stage 4-2 (Easy)
    21FSD Stage 4-2 (Hard)
    UDUY4 Stage 4-2 (Normal)
    WS7Y6 Stage 4-3 (Easy)
    BOFGK Stage 4-3 (Hard)
    HQPIW Stage 4-3 (Normal)
    2RHK4 Stage 4-4 (Easy)
    Z1IT2 Stage 4-4 (Hard)
    RB9RU Stage 4-4 (Normal)

    Contributed by: Return of RPGMonkey 

  3. Various Codes

    Effect Effect
    At the main menu press Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, L1, L, Circle, L1, Circle, L1, L1, Circle, L1, Circle, L1, L1, L1, L1 Infinite Ammunition
    At the main menu press Circle, L1, L1, L1, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, CIrcle, CIrcle, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, Circle, Circle, L1 Infinite Energy
    At the main menu press L1, CIrcle, L1, L1, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L1, Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, L1, Circle, CIrcle, Circle, Circle Level Select (use R1 and R2)

    Contributed by: CCajes, ATadeo 

Machine Head Cheats For Saturn

  1. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    Q58NM LDZCQ 4HWGE 1-2
    TDM75 UH80T XO6BE 1-3
    VO1PP JCP6V H4ULJ 1-4
    OF20F OHX8Y OE95W 2-1
    42W3T JGK-P 5J5H7 2-2
    VR4T2 6EZDS SHCMM 2-3
    1NBCX CXVI9 PA3KI 2-4
    2XVSD AHO3J S2MF- 3-1
    WOJ8H 3Y8-D -7FRU 3-2
    1SOJ3 130BP V2MW8 3-4
    YCTS6 PUUKS 28SD1 4-1
    Q29LH UDUY4 21FSD 4-2
    2RHK4 RB9RU Z1IT2 4-4
    UP405 C42RI 2MP3P End

    Contributed by: Justoid27 

  2. Cheat Passwords

    Effect Effect
    RDS-K KSGDB GD-SR Activate All Cheats
    ABCDE FGHIJ KLMNO Deactivate All Cheats
    --GHO STMOD EON-- Ghost Mode
    HMEHM HSD9D MDQFX Infinite Energy
    HMEHM HSD9D -ONMR Infinite Weapons
    KDUDK 9RDKD BSHNM Level Select

    Contributed by: alex cross, Dogg