Mach Rider Cheats For NES

  1. Hidden Power-Up

    In order to trigger the hidden power-up, you must finish the level after destroying exactly 3 barrels on the side of the road and filling your shot meter to at least 180 by bumping enemies off the road. (The numerical value of your shots is not visible, but it starts at 80, goes down by 2 whenever you fire a shot, and goes up by 16 every time you block kill an enemy (push them into an obstacle). So if you fire 3-6 shots, you have to kill at least 7 enemies by bumping them into barrels.)

    This power-up grants you partial invincibility: most hazards will have no effect on you, and you will no longer slip on ice. However, you can still be killed by the flying bomb projectiles, hitting a barrel on the side of the road, or being hit from behind by an enemy. Dying this way will cause you to lose the power-up.

    Contributed by: Dugongew 

  2. Continue Code

    If you have reached Stage 6, 11, or 16 before you get a Game Over, holding B and Left while pressing Start on the title screen will allow you to continue at that stage. Make sure you do it quickly, because your progress will be deleted if the game advances to the demo play.

    This code works between game modes as well. For example, if you reach Stage 11 on the Solo course, you can use this code to begin at Stage 11 in the Challenge course.

    Contributed by: Dugongew 

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