It's like Fable online!

User Rating: 8 | Mabinogi PC
This game is has many good concepts associated with it. It tries to remain realistic and interesting, not matter what level you are. The game is realistic as in your character can get hungry, you can eat too much and get fat, the NPC's you do part-time jobs for remember you, what you did, and how you did it. Players are quite helpful in this game but I felt that the "I don't know who you are in real life, I'm not helping you" attitude that some people in the game was annoying. They were nice, but whenever you asked them a question, they sounded like they felt insecure and that I might be a internet predator.

You can play instruments, and use nearly unlimited production skills in this game. This game is practically runescape with better graphics and a more realistic style of gameplay. You can shear sheep, cut down trees, go fishing, build fires, all that runescape stuff AND MORE! I loved runescape, but I felt as if there were too many children in that game and the graphics were incredibly annoying, the gameplay was fine though. This game has quenched my hunger for that game and added a new level of hunger. I wouldn't be able to find other games like this. On that note, I forgot to tell you one of the most important features to this game, you grow older.

At character creation you get to choose how old you are, 10 years old being the minimum and 17 years old being the maximum. Every saturday, your character ages by one year. There is consistent events occuring in the game...EVERY DAY. There's also a great weather system implemented into the game. I could go on for hours typing about what a great game this is, but I think I should leave you to downloading the game from and trying it out for yourself...there's nothing to lose. I guarantee that you would be playing for at least a week until starting to get bored of the game.