A nice update but battles can still be tedious at times.

User Rating: 7 | Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star PSP
If you played Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete before and plan to relive the experience with this updated game then you'd have a good time with this. Other than that, it's just an old RPG with improved visual presentation and some very minor changes in the gameplay.

The battle mechanics can be a good or bad thing depending on how well you take a liking with this game. Here how it goes, battles are turn-based where the fastest goes first....but with a slight twist. Instead of having a fixed position like Final Fantasy battles, here characters and monsters can move anywhere within the battlefield. Normal attacks will automatically move a combatant in killing range against its target. Players can also reposition characters generally to get out of harm's way. It adds a distinct touch to an otherwise plain game but sadly it's a wasted effort. First, ideally, scattering your characters is good against area attacks but practically, it's best to use your character's action on attacking and casting spells. Second, a character can only move at such short range while most enemies have very big strides. So you probably have to concentrate on attacking and casting spells instead of wasting a character's action in moving. Third, there's no indicator if whether your character's normal attack will reach its target. Sometimes, your character will run towards its target only to abruptly stop because it has already at its move limit.

As for the game's difficulty, it's pretty easy enough once you get the hang of things. The learning curve is pretty easy. While enemies are moderately strong, it is more of an endurance test rather than a strategical affair. Monsters can be seen on the field so you'd have the option to either confront it or ignore it. It can be a pain in the ass sometimes. You see, there's much little space to move around that you'd be force to combat monsters or dance your way out. Yes, dance baby dance. There's a small amount of backtracking and what small amount it has can be dragging at times. Better not play this if you want to rush things or in a bad mood or else your irritation/annoyance will turn into a serious case of apathy.

This is pretty much a straightforward game. There's no sidequest as far as I could remember. There's the missable items called bromides. They're basically illustrations of female characters you met throughout the game. There's also the Rememberizer which lets you view past scenes. You might also want to revisit places to unlock red chests once you get a special key. That's about it. As far as I could remember.

As for the story, Alex's dream is to be a Dragonmaster. It's basically a people's hero and a guardian of a Goddess. Later on, you'd get to encounter the villain called the Magic Emperor. There's a little bit of a plot and surprises there. It's Adventure Time.

So get it you truly love Lunar. Other than that, it's just a plain old RPG. Maybe with a distinc touch. Note to self: never forget the battle system. Love it or hate it....*grumble* *grumble*