Great game! (but tetris is better IMO)

User Rating: 9.1 | Lumines MOBI
· Great gamesplay! A nice twist on the tetris formula
· Great longevity. Arcade mode, challenge mode, boss battles etc.
· Challenging gameplay & AI
* Nice graphics

· Sometime I just want to play tetris without the colors & extra game play changed

Lumines for the mobile is like tetris but you have to match up colors as well as shapes. So basically it just adds another layer over the tetris formula. For some this is great, but for me & my simple mind it was what broke it for me.
Don’t get me wrong, this game does rock & it has great value for a mobile game but it just made me want to play the original tetris the whole time.

All in all, everyone should play this game because it is good, but give me the original any day