The greatest puzzle cellphone game ever made!

User Rating: 9.2 | Lumines MOBI
First of I have to say that this game was so fun , and amazing that I went out and purchased the PSP version. Yup, I went from cell phone to the original platform. I have the E-815 and this game looks fantastic , bright colors , loud music , and on-line multi-player mode. If you know any thing about lumines you'll like it but you'll probably beat this game in one sitting. Everyone else who may have been skeptical about buying the PSP version - trust me it's worth $6.50. Tthere is a downside it is on the short side in the main arcade mode but there are Vs. modes and puzzle modes that will make this title last and last. Lately they have been adding more skins that you can download for free and more people are playing it on-line. So buy today .