samila to the psp verson but not as good, but still great fun

User Rating: 8.4 | Lumines MOBI
lumines is one of the best psp games at launch and still today people are buying it.

lumines mobile captures what made lumines fun on the psp and
puts it on the mobile it looks pretty simla to the psp verson but the graphics arnt as good looking and the psp verson is more fun. in lumines instead of the single player mode you have a arcade mode with you basicly have
so many levels to complete. but you atalchy have allready have some blocks put out to make it easier but some times easer to bury the playing field, then you got challenge mode, time attack, objective mode and so on.
lumines mobile has a lot of vairity and still has that unique sense of
style and music and the backgrounds look good well at least on my mobile.
some of the backgrounds are samila to the psp ones.

so in summary, lumines mobile has good graphics, good sound, great back grounds, some times repetive, blocks are all ready setup, heeps of different modes but if you already have a psp theres not much reason to come back unless you want a more portoble lumines,
if you dont have a psp and want a cut of the puzzle acton lumines mobile will be you best choice.