Luigi's Mansion Cheats For GameCube

  1. Hidden Mansion (Ura-Yashiki) Mode

    Rescue Mario and finish the game once. You will get ranked according to how you did and receive a letter grade. Save your game. You now have the option to restart Luigi's two ways (in addition to going to the completed Gallery). The first option lets you go back to the regular Luigi's Mansion Mode. The second option, called Ura-Yashiki (Hidden Mansion) in Japanese, lets you restart the game -- and presumably some of the things in the mansion have been changed around.

    Contributed by: Arachneus 

  2. Water The Plant

    Go to the right side of the graveyard. just underneath the balcony with toad. There is a seed. Once you can use water (BEFORE the second boss) water the seed. enter the doghouse, and defeat the second boss. return to seed and water again. continue with game, but come back and water it after you fight the 3rd boss. It will bloom and produce a diamond!!!

    Contributed by: Lizalfos 

  3. Secret Treasure Rooms

    The first one is located on the first floor, in the south-west corner of the Mansion. After you have sucked in the candle-carrying butler, exmaine the room with your Game Boy Horror to find a mousehole. Press A to activate it and go inside to enter the trasure room.

    The second treasure room is accessible from the roof top. Use the elevator in the toy chamber to get on the roof, the go all the way to the right and climb up on the chimney. Fall down and you will land in another treasure room

    Contributed by: Lizalfos 

  4. Mice for money !

    If you are looking to get an 'A' grade you need to find all the golden mice. To find the mice, go into 1st person mode with the gameboy horror and click onto hidden cheeses with the A button. These cheeses can be found in:

    The second floor study behind a desk.
    The first floor dining room underneath a chair.
    The second floor dining room at the back.
    The first floor room with the crystal ball behind the fortune teller.
    The third floor trophy room behind a chair.
    The second floor corridor near the stairs to the attic, you hear a chime and a mouse runs up the corridor. (You do not need to find cheese for this one).

    As soon as you click on a cheese a mouse appears, go back to third person view and suck up that mouse quick for much cash and the occasional gem.

    The mice can only be caught before the lights come on in any room. So get the mouse and then the ghosts. If you miss the cheeses the first time around; after the third boss when the lightning trips the power and the mansion is in darkness again, go mouse hunting, although in some rooms now there are loads of ghosts, so it's not so easy as it was first time round.

    Contributed by: neolestat 

  5. Money From Plants

    After you get the water element, water every plant and bush you see. Each one can give you from 20 dollar bills to a giant gold diamond.

    Contributed by: Mark Lanegan 

  6. Using the Warp Mirrors

    In several rooms, you may notice that there is a mirror there. If you search a mirror with the GameBoy Horror, you'll be warped back to the 1F Foyer. Note that this does not work with the mirror in the Mirror Room, though.

    Contributed by: DBM11085 

  7. Treadmill key

    In the room with the weights, punching bags etc.. there is a treadmill. Run on the treadmill and you'll get the key to the hall door just to the left of that room.

    With the hall door unlocked you won't have to run around the backside of the house to get to the stairs that lead to the second floor.

    Contributed by: SuperHippo 

  8. Blue Ghost Locations

    Aside from gold mice, there are also blue ghosts that have loads of stuff in them. They appear in the following locations:

    - Wardrobe room in the closet on the right side
    - Study in the chair behind the desk (knock on the chair)
    - Breaker room, under the sheet on the table (must be done before the power outage)
    - Storage room in the chair on the right (knock on the chair and aim high)
    - Dining room in the dish shelf on the left
    - Kitchen in the oven on the left side
    - Recreation room in the machine located at the bottom right
    - Nana's room in the chair on the right side of the room (may have to knock on the chair)
    - Billiards room in the table on the right
    - Cellar in boxes at the left of door (be on your toes for this one because if you don't catch it right away, it is hard to chase in this room; this is one of the harder ones to catch, especially if you forget that he is in this room)
    - Sealed room in the chest at the far right
    - Hidden room in an "empty" chest (you can only catch this one once you make the power go out)
    - Twin's room in the bunk bed (may take some vacumming; aim high)

    These are listed more or less in the order that you will encounter them
    Just like gold mice, you can only catch these in the dark. The best thing to do is to catch all but one of the ghosts in the room and to go after the blue ghost after that. Another thing about the blue ghosts is that they have 10 hp and as soon as you discover them, they will fly around the room. If you shine your light on them and fail to catch it, reset your game -- you only get one chance to catch each one. If you do not shine your light on it, it will keep flying around the room until you do so. Remember, you only have one shot to catch it.

    Contributed by: Ch@osDr@gon 

  9. The second gold diamond

    In order to get the second gold diamond, catch all 50 Boos before going through the door to the alter.

    Contributed by: shadowthebat 

  10. Two more blue ghost locations.

    Here are two more blue ghost locations that the other list missed; NOTE: THESE GHOSTS CAN ONLY BE GOTTEN DURING THE BLACKOUT!

    Music room: Check the stool in front of the piano.

    Nursery: Check Chauncey's crib.

    Contributed by: MegamanXfan21xx 

  11. How to find out if a door is fake.

    Suck your vacuum on a door before you open it. If it shakes, then it's real; if it doesn't, then it's fake.

    Contributed by: rudilouis 

  12. Unlock Hidden Mansion

    Depending on how much money you collect over the course of the game, you will recieve a new mansion. Your mansion will have a rank from Rank H to Rank A. After you recieve it, you can view a picture of it at any time in Professor E. Gadd's gallery.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete the game with over 100,000,000G Unlock Rank A Mansion
    Complete the game with less than 100,000,000G Unlock Rank B Mansion
    Complete the game with less than 70,000,000G Unlock Rank C Mansion
    Complete the game with less than 60,000,000G Unlock Rank D Mansion
    Complete the game with less than 50,000,000G Unlock Rank E Mansion
    Complete the game with less than 40,000,000G Unlock Rank F Mansion
    Complete the game with less than 20,000,000G Unlock Rank G Mansion
    Complete the game with less than 5,000,000G Unlock Rank H Mansion

    Contributed by: LightGiver 

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