Don't believe the GameSpot review, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is a quintessential addition to any 3DS library.

User Rating: 9 | Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 3DS
When I first saw the Gamespot review, I could hardly believe the score, a 6.5 out of 10? Why? Well according to the reviewer in question, it's because of the lack of checkpoints and one sequence that frustrated her... That is not something that has to do with the game, the game is not flawed because you don't know how to play the game correctly.

I digress, it is very hard to die in this game, out of the amount of hours I have played thus far, I've only died once, however, I was resurrected immediately by collecting one of the Polterpup bones. If you are keen to searching every nook and cranny (which is one major aspect of the game) you will find enough health and money to carry you through.

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is the sequel to the Gamecube launch title Luigi's Mansion, however, instead of just roaming around one major mansion and dealing with the Portrait Ghosts, you are sent to roam through five different mansions to recover pieces of the Dark Moon, which has been destroyed by the evil King Boo.

Each mansion has it's own aesthetic that makes it memorable, so you never feel like you're doing the same thing over and over again. Also unlike the original game, each mansion has a set of missions for you to complete and of course the infamous star system from other Nintendo titles is back to haunt your dreams. Each mission also contains a hidden Boo for you to find, which encourages replayability of previous levels you have already completed, especially when you gather new helpful tools such as the strobe light and dark light.

There are plenty of secrets to find and lots of money to collect, you'll find yourself repeating the same missions just to beat your prior score and get those three star ratings. The graphics are also quite beautiful on the 3DS and the 3D function is perfectly executed.

However, one major new feature to the game is the multiplayer, which is presented ala The Scarescraper. A seemingly endless tower filled with spooks, creeps and freaks. You and four friends or other players on Nintendo Network try to conquer each floor of The Scarescraper, catching ghosts, collecting money and getting precious golden keys. However, there are three different modes of the Scarescraper to play, Hunter (Which focuses on ghost hunting), Rush (which focuses on getting to a certain room in a set amount of time, collecting clockpieces in the process) and Polterpup (which has you trying to find an elusive ghost).

Each mode is a ton of fun and presents the players with a unique challenge, it should be noted though that The Scarescraper can be taken on solo as well. So if you're not so keen on relying on other players, you can still enjoy it.

Overall, Luigi's Mansion is a fun, intriguing and ghastly fun experience that will fit right in to any 3DS owner's collection.