"This fantastic sequel is all that fans have been waiting for."

User Rating: 9 | Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 3DS

I love this game. The creepy atmosphere really sets the mood for some good old fashioned ghost catching, and the amount of humor makes you forget that you're catching deadly ghosts inside a haunted mansion. Besides, it's not all too often that Luigi gets the center spotlight. It's actually because of this game that I favor Luigi more than Mario. ( Ah! Tomatoes! )


The game starts out as Professor Elven Gadd ( who made appearances in the Mario and Luigi games, as well as the first Luigi's Mansion game. ) is enjoying some quality time with some friendly ghosts inside gloomy manor. He states later in the game that he was doing research on the ghosts. The game shows the player a shadowy figure blasting a purple moon out of the sky into shattered fragments, which scatter across Evershade Valley ( where the professor was doing his research. ) Upon destruction of the moon, the ghosts go hostile and begin destroying the professor's research. The professor retreats to a hidden bunker and calls on the aide of Luigi to help him in catching the ghosts. He tells Luigi that the reason the ghosts have gone hostile is because the dark moon was missing. As a result, an eerie fog now covers evershade valley and the mansions within it. The two of them soon discover that the pieces are corrupted, and by using one of Elvin's...er...contraptions, they can restore the fragments, which, in turn, uncovers a bit of the fog, and allows them to travel to different mansions, and eventually save the day from the villain conducting it all. Whoo.

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The game is an exploration game and focuses a lot on using your mind and exploration skills to pass the level and find the secrets and hidden items within. Each level can be lengthy, but if you really enjoy the game like me, it's hardly noticeable. Of course, even if lengthy levels aren't really enjoyable to you at all, you can always put your 3DS into sleep mode and continue your adventure later.

There is a variety of different ghosts that you meet up with and capture along your adventure. As a matter of fact, the only reason this game isn't rated 10 by me is because of ONE specific type of ghost. Those annoying purple ghosts that can sneak up on you and wail on you without you even noticing, or when you're trying to catch a different ghost. Man do I hate that.

The graphics are very good and easy on the eyes-especially for a hand-held console. The kiddish graphics make funny moments even funnier just because it's hilarious to look at.

This game has jewels to find in each level. To get most of them, you need to go out of your way, or you need an item unlocked later on in the game. It is such a satisfying feeling when you find a jewel, whether it was intentional or not.

I've heard it said that the game doesn't have enough checkpoints throughout the level. This is easily justified if you are a treasure hunter. By having a lot of treasure ( money ) and being one to search through furniture, you will sometimes find a golden bone. If you die with this bone in your pocket, a ghost puppy ( awww... ) will take the bone, and automatically wake you up. You will continue in the exact place you died at, with all of your treasure, jewels, and caught ghosts still in your possession, with completely refilled health. That's what I'm talking about. So, if you have ever heard that said, know that all you need to justify it is a lot of cash. Quite simple.

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There are also that's right, BOOS in the game! Yeah! In each level, a boo is hiding in a specific area in each level, and by catching them, you receive a boo medal. Quite nice.

In summary, this game is SUPERB ( as my rating states. ) with plenty of unlockables and amazing graphics, this game should be a part of every fan's library of video games.