Great Game With Tons of Creative Fun, But Could DO With Some Tweaking.

User Rating: 8 | Luigi's Mansion 3 NS

Hey Everyone, My Name Is WolfCrafter and Today I'm Going to be Reviewing Luigi's Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch (EU/UK Pal Version of The Game).

Spoilers Ahead.

Now I've Always Been a Huge Fan of the Luigi's Mansion Games, When I Was A Kid, I Grew up With the 2nd game "Dark Moon" (or Just Luigi's Mansion 2 if You're in Europe) and I played the OG Gamecube game till I got to The Butler In Which Made Me Poop Myself (awkward pause) (not literally but you get what I mean).

That Being Said, I went into Luigi's Mansion 3 a little sceptical, Because of How Badly the 2nd Game Aged, But This Game Is Amazing, Not Only does it massively Improve over the 2nd game But it is a ton of fun to play (and I will get to Why In just a moment).


So If you've played the first 2 games, you basically know the main plot of the game already (apart from the hotel aspect), but if you don't know,

The Story of Luigi's Mansion 3 is That Mario, Peach, Luigi, Polterpup (a Ghost Dog that first appeared in The 2nd game) and The Toads get invited to stay at a luxurious hotel, but it turns to be a trap by Luigi's old Enemy "King Boo", Who ends up trapping Mario, Peach and The Toads in portraits, and The Player As Luigi Must Travel Through The Hotel Floors to set them free, using Professor E. Gadd's Poltergust 3000(a lot more exciting than it sounds) And sooner or later, Gooigi (a green goo version of Luigi, made by E. Gadd as well, who first appeared in the 3DS HD Remake of the original Luigi's Mansion).


As I said, Luigi's Mansion 3 is a ton of fun to play, Not only does it control better than Luigi's Mansion 2, but it feels better as well, Luigi is smoother to control, Ghosts are much more fun to catch, but they're also challenging too, like the previous games, they can just randomly appear out of nowhere After a Hotel Floor is Completed and they will try to ambush Luigi in his path (In Combat is different), This can cause some real damage if you're not careful, but it also adds an extra challenge to the game because as you progress further and further through the game, they seem to appear more.

Purchasable Things (Not With Real Money):

Half Way Through the game, E. Gadd Opens A Shop and It's pretty cool, he must get a ton of customers in an abandoned haunted car park filled with ghosts and a shop that only sells 3 items only useful to Luigi.... and The Ghostbusters (if they existed in this game). But For Real Though, E Gadd Opens a Shop HalfWay through the game and it has 3 items,

1. A Bone That will summon The Polterpup when Luigi loses all his health and it will quickly regenerate Luigi back to full health, This Really Will Help Players, But Not To Brag Or Anything, During my 1st playthrough of the game, I did not die at all.

2. The Gem Finder: Gem Finders Will show a room in which a gem is hidden.

3. The Boo Finder: Boo Finders Will Help You Find Boos That Are Hidden Throughout in the game (they act almost the same as gems).


The Game has Collectibles in it (as I'm sure you guessed from the above) and they will be scattered throughout the game.

1. Gems: Gems Are Hidden throughout The Entirety of Luigi's Mansion 3, in almost each and every room and they are a ton of fun to collect. Some of these can be really thought-provoking, as in finding out where they are and how to get them. luckily this is where E Gadd's Shop comes in handy (or if you're like me, ya had to YouTube some of it) because while the gems are hidden throughout the game, The Gem finder's that you can purchase from E Gadd's shop using Money (Which BTW, you will not go short on! play this game for half an hour and Luigi will own more Money than Tony Stark!).

2. Boos: So The Boos Are Back in this game (I don't mean like King Boo, I literally mean the Mario Enemies) and just like the gems, Each game had a thing in which you could collect them if you wanted to, Boos Will Be Spread out in Different rooms all over the hotel. Now I don't Have A Lot to say about this one apart from the fact that if you push on the wrong object in-game, the boo will move to a different room, and I ran into a problem with this,

Not because the game was glitched, it wasn't, everything was fine, but because the controller I was using was a Third-party Wired Nintendo Switch Pro Controller made by PDP (the one that has a headset port), The Game has a feature with the Boos in which the controller will vibrate heavily the closer you get, Sadly The PDP controller I used Doesn't have Vibration, and I refused to use the Joy-Cons I had at the time because they had the Joy-Con drift (an issue that causes a phantom input to move the character without the player using them),

Luckily, Gooigi Vibrates More and More, The Closer You Get To A Boo, So I had to rely on Viciously staring down at Gooigi, and Pure Luck. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure this feature is a great feature to the game, but it could have been handled another way for the people who don't like vibration that much, such as myself (especially in the wake of vibration not being used as a game mechanic that much anymore) But this is also again a good feature for E. Gadd's shop, because the Boo finder will help locate the rooms of every single Boo and I surprisingly got every single Boo in the game.

There is also Rare Ghosts in The Game But I Haven't Seen nor have I captured any.

There is an issue with the 8th Floor (spoilers again), so Floor 8 is a movie studio, and a Movie director ghost has lost his megaphone, Luigi feels bad and we Have to get it back. As creative as Floor 8 was, there is actually a huge problem with most of it, and that's that it's not very clear at telling the player what to do, it just tells you the main objective, but it doesn't help you get there *even with hints turned on* This may not sound as bad on text but when you play the game for yourself, if you find the megaphone first and come across these issues, here's a little hint to help you *Not all on-screen right now or in this room, is what you need to complete the task*.

Near the start of the game on one of the first 3 floors, there's a little part in which you need to do something involving finding a key, but I don't recommend doing a lot of free roam in that floor yet, Professor E. Gadd will not stop bothering you about going to where you need to be (Kinda terrible at annoying us ain't ya E. Gadd?) what I mean though is E. Gadd will finish talking and 10-20 seconds later he will say the same things to you over and over (again even with hints turned off), it gets really annoying by this, so I recommend just to power through what you are doing and get to the main objective of that area.

Graphics: The Graphics in this game is so amazing, possibly the best for a Nintendo game ever, Yeah Super Smash Bros brawl Exists and that game has way better graphics and textures, but it didn't need that much and nobody wanted to see the details of MARIO'S OVERALLS!!!! Luigi's Mansion 3 does it just right, compared to other Nintendo games, you can see that the game makers really loved working on this game, the attention to detail is phenomenal, You can see the stitchings on Luigi's hat, his Mustache is so smooth (weird sentence but believe me on this) and there is so much delightfulness in just getting to look at the game, it can be a real eye-pleaser.

Just Be Aware though that if you want to buy this game for a kid, There are a couple of jumpscares spread throughout the game, Not In The Way An Actual Horror Game Would, It's more of a *OK That happened* type of jumpscare that may startle some sensitive kids. But The Jumpscares really set you in the mood for what's to come and it's mixed perfectly with the light-hearted side of Nintendo.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is not a full-on Horror Game either, sure it's spooky and has creepy moments here and there but it's not exactly scary.


You get a couple of power upgrades before the end of the game, I haven't really found what to do with them, I'm sure they do something, but I Haven't found out what.

There is a couple of powers returning from the first two games, one of which is a power-up that makes invisible objects visible, that was a really cool feature from LM2 and I'm glad it's back, along with the addition of the flashing on the torch, again a really cool feature that first appeared in LM2 and it's much better than just standing there hoping to get a ghost with your flashlight (that was from the first game on the Gamecube).


If you have not played a Luigi's Mansion game, Don't worry, you will be fine going into LM3. It is a follow-up, but I wouldn't say you need to know stuff from the other games to enjoy it, It's almost separated in a way.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Gets an 8 outta 10. as I said, It's a really fun game, It's My favorite in the Luigi's Mansion franchise and possibly my favorite game of all-time, but a couple of things coulda been tweaked, added and made better.

See you guys in my Next Review!