Lufia: The Ruins of Lore Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Easy Gold in Ordens

    Once you reach the town of Ordens go to the item shop and buy as many Blue Teas as possible for 100 gold each.
    Then you can sell them back for 150 gold each. You can make between 50 and 4450 gold each time.

    Contributed by: Akuni The Great 

  2. Infinite Nectar

    Go to the blacksmith in Gruberik. Make sure you have the ingredients for a Nectar (and found the alchemist). Make a Nectar. The blacksmith will make the item like normal, but you won't lose the ingredients! You can get infinite Nectars at no cost.

    Contributed by: Monkpunk 

  3. Sacrifice Glitch

    Sacrifice kills the enemy and the user. However, there is a glitch. If you use Sacrifice on yourself, you heal 999 HP

    Contributed by: Monkpunk 

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