Good game, but too linear and with no replay value.rn---Contains some spoilers---

User Rating: 7.5 | Lucius PC
In Lucius you play the 6 year old boy Lucius, born on June 6th, 1966, who is visited by his real father, Satan. You get a notebook from him, giving you directions and hints on who you should sacrifice to him. The whole game takes place in the big family villa.rnrnYou start off simple by locking the maid in the freezer, putting the padlock on the door and turning the temperature down. Everytime you sacrifice someone your powers grow or you get new ones. While some of the few powers are pretty handy and are needed often, you can't really use any of them in a creative way. Once you reach your target you get a hint in your notebook and everytime you progress there are up to 4 hints.rnrnThe problem is that every kill has to be done exactly the way it was intended. If you do it any other way (if possible) or are seen doing something supernatural it's game over. There are also chores you can do around the house (you get them from other people in the house) and once you reach 100% you get a gift (there are a total of 3 gifts, which you can achieve around chapter 3-4, if you google the chores). The first you get is a ouija board, which gives sometimes gives you a hint about the kill, because some missions start in your room and no idea who you are supposed to sacrifice. Then you can walk around the house and find every person until you find the target.rnrnThe graphics are not top of the line, but pretty solid. I missed a brightness slider, because especially the sections at night are extremely dark and i had to adjust my monitor to see it the way it's supposed to. The house is big, the rooms look different and have lots of details. There is even a secret room, which you will find anyway later in the game, once finding a map (but like everything you can reach it from the beginning, there are almost no limits within lucius).rnThe sounds in Lucius are pretty good, considering the sounds used are free ones from the internet (the credits after the game are max 1 min producers and about 15 min the different sounds, each mp3 and wav...). But they fit the atmosphere and I've heard much worse.rnrnLucius was a fun 5 Hour playthrough (if you know exactly how to proceed i guess it can be done in 2-3h) and there could be a sequel. It's a shame you don't have more choices in how to finish missions. This way it's not really an action game but an adventure with 2-3 action scenes. After finishing the game there is an Extras option in the main menu, where you have 2 minigames, fighting of priests on a high score. The problem is the first one is extremely dark again and you can barely see the priests until they reach you, and once they do it's over.
It's worth playing once and I hope there will be a sequel with more freedom of choice.