Lucius Cheats For PC

  1. Achievements

    Break 10 objects. Accidents do happen
    Kill 15 persons. Almost there
    Turn a cross five times. Are You There God? It's Me, Lucius
    Kill 18 persons. Catholic vengeance
    Kill 7 persons. Deadly sins
    Break 20 objects. Devils little menace
    Complete all tutorials. Devils Trainee
    Kill Gene. Double Murder
    Use memory erase 10 times. Dr. Alzheimer
    Assist on 3 suicides. Dr. Kevorkian
    Find secret chamber before chapter seven. Explorer
    Kill 14 persons. Finally no more driving
    Get fifth level for combustion. Firemaster
    Use lesser combustion 5 times. Firestarter
    Kill Mary. First Blood
    Escape from storage jail. Frank Morris
    Kill 3 persons. Getting the hang of it
    Kill 5 persons. High five
    Collect 20 items. Hoarder
    Play 20 hours. I like this game
    Play 40 hours. I'm addicted
    Use mind control 5 times. Inside your head
    Get fifth level for telekinesis. Jedi
    Kill 8 persons. Killed eight people and loving it
    Turn off lights 20 times. Let there be Dark!
    Kill 16 persons. Lobotomizer
    Open 50 drawers. Looking for something
    Run 26 miles. Marathon
    Use memory erase 5 times. Mem-error
    Get fifth level for memory erase. Memento
    Get fifth level for mind control. Mindtwister
    Complete chores for all the presents. Mommy's little helper
    Find two ways to listen to music from the music box. Music is all around us
    Kill 6 persons. My lucky number
    Kill 9 persons. Nine gates of hell
    Kill 10 persons. Nine of them did not matter
    Kill 12 persons. No for homeschooling
    Shoot someone. Oops!
    Take 20 pictures. Paparazzi
    Let five people burn. Pyromaniac
    Break 30 objects. Rebel without a cause
    Shoot 5 persons. Screw hiding.
    Kill 4 persons. Serial killer
    Kill 11 persons. Seven to eleven
    Open safe without hints. Sherlock
    Kill 20 persons. Son of the Devil
    Break 50 objects. Tasmanian Devil
    Talk to people 10 times. There is no answer
    Combine 6 items. These things belong together
    Get spotted 5 times. They see me rollin
    Cycle 10 miles. Tour de Dante manor
    Turn on the television 5 times. TV Addict
    Kill 19 persons. Two out of three fathers
    Use mind control 10 times. Ultimate devil mindtrick
    Kill 13 persons. Unlucky one
    Read 20 journal entries. We got ourselves a reader
    Kill 17 persons. You all saw him - he had a gun

    Contributed by: MichaelMateria