I would only recommend for fans of the genre.

User Rating: 3 | Love Plus DS
Love Plus is a Dating Sim and like any other game of this genre your main objective is to choose different girls that you'll have to develop a relationship with. In Love Plus in specific you'll have three options of girls to choose.
Rinko it's the anti-social type with a rebel attitude that is always trying to avoid you.
Manaka Takane is a perfect student girl that excels at everything that she does and sometimes is to shy to relate with other people.
And Finally Anegasaki Nene which is a mature and responsible girl, she also works in the same place as you (protagonist) do.
At the first part of the game all you have to do is schedule your day routine and see how it affects the flow the game, some activities such as hitting the gym will improve your physical condition and others like attend to math class will increase your intelligence which may or may not appeal to some character, by doing this activities you'll also being interacting with the girls and get to know them better and finding out what appeals to each of the girls. If you properly interact with the girls and achieve a determined level on your stats one of the girls which the requirements you fulfilled will come and confess her love towards you, but the game don't ends here what comes next is the second part of the game which consists on the dating part.
The dating part is a little less repetitive than the first one but it still feels very boring. As in the first part of the game you'll also have to schedule your activities for the day but now that you have a "girlfriend" you'll also have to schedule dates with her but you can only date in the weekends. When you are on a date sometimes you'll trigger a mini game where you can touch the girl in the right spots and if you succeed at it you will be rewarded with a kiss or something in those lines.
Since you are gonna have to spend a lot of time with your eyes focusing on your DS you'll probably want something beautiful to look at but sadly the game's visual is nothing but average. The menu's layout is very basic and functional that it is very important since most part of the game will be expent at navigating through it. The game, like most part of the Dating Sims, is very statical and doesn't show many animations which is kind boring because the scenarios range from average to non inspired. The character models are fine and the developers did a quite good job considering the limitations of the hardware.
The voice acting it's not bad at all it is probably the best part of the game and it truly stands from other games that just use conversation boxes filled with texts. About the music all I can say is that it is sweet and romantic but sometimes it grows repetitive like almost everything in the game.

Closing Comments:

I had never played a Dating Sim before but from my experience with Love Plus this genre is just not my thing simply because I hate repetitive games that don't offer any kind of challenge or a good story. Even when I tried to ignore the boring mechanic I found it to be very hard to like the game because the characters didn't appeal to me, they were all very shallow and anime cliché.
I know that there are a lot of people that loves this kind of game and I will not judge them saying things like " you are a bunch of low self-esteemed nerds who can relate with other people" or anything like that because in the end it is just a game and in the same way that I don't want to kill people just because I play GTA I also won't think that the little girl that appears in my screen is my real girlfriend, although if you look at the internet you'll find a lot of sick japanese guys marrying their Nintendo DS.
Considering everything written above my final verdict is that this game just doesn't have what i takes to keep me entertained and since I believe that a game's main objective is make you have a good time this game is a failure to me and most gamers, this will only appeal for a few that really enjoy the genre.