Wind Master

User Rating: 8.5 | LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias WII
Just when I thought the platform action genre has just about ran out of ideas, this game comes along and gives the genre a second wind.

I like the story it's actually interesting and strangely touching because you do kinda care about the main character's quest and what he has to do. The control is solid, it's true it does feel a bit cumbersome at first but you will get the hang of it after a while and it will feel natural. The platforming dynamic is based mainly on the physics of wind velocity. It's really a trial and error platform action game almost like with "Out of this World" and the underrated "A Boy and His Blob revival"(game I reviewed) where you have to look before you leap to get from point A to B. But what makes the game play in this game even better is the fact that as you get further you start to gain other abilities with your wind power, like creating some sort of wind drill or even cyclone to get you higher. And also being able to do other things with the wind like creating snowballs or blowing certain sound devices.
There is also the ability to change the seasons which is great because the advantage of both seasons is a crucial tool to get you through certain places. The action is decent, but this game's not really much of an actioneer, though the boss battles I thing are fun and innovative because their a step by step process. The puzzles are reasonably cleaver so you won't feel stumped for long.

But what I like the best is just the graphic which I think are great they really have a feeling of a vast world that seems to be a mesh of the cultures of the Inuit Eskimos as well as Aztec/Mayans. Everything just looks beautiful from the water and the sound of it, the hieroglyphics, and other things. Also the graphical design of the areas is just as great, has sort of the non linear format which means you will have plenty of things to just see and do. The music fits the game, it really has a calming mystical feeling to it.

My only problem with the game is the backtracking which is a fundamental problem most of these non linear platforming games have, it really drags the pace of the game. They should of installed a function to warp, so this wouldn't of happened.

Lost Winds: Winter of the Melodias is blowing in the right direction.