Better to stay lost if your not a fan of the tv show...

User Rating: 6.5 | Lost: Via Domus X360
Being a pretty big fan of the ABC drama Lost, I was surprised and happy to learn of Ubisoft's plan to make a video game based upon the show. However the short lived adventure fails to live up to the brand name though its not a total failure...

There is no doubt Ubisoft gave this video game shorter production span than most games would get and that could be down to what can you do for a video game based upon only 2 seasons (at the time) of the hit show. Well luckily you can make it good looking and the island setting comes off very well on the X Box 360. Despite limiting how much you can free roam the whole island looks well crafted and the player models are not too shabby either though if only the same could be said for the sound department.

The main issue with the sound is the actors whom have been picked to voice the main characters. The majority of the characters are not voiced by the actors who play them in the show and it doesn't work at all for the most part. The main character Elliot is voiced well though and other characters like Ben don't disappoint either.

Gameplay for Lost is pretty well Lost because there is not much to actually do within the game. Most of the game will involve these fuse plug puzzles that are poorly planned and at times stupid beyond belief. There are flashbacks when you have to spot things and that's not bad though hit n miss mostly. There is little action but when there is the game is pretty good should it be running away from the smoke monster or a little gun combat.

The AI is ok I guess but again there's not much to do when you actually meet other people apart from running away from stuff. The group known as the others will chase you at times though you won't see them so its hard to actually judge them.

At the end of the day Lost Via Domus main gem is the story, which is pretty good and has a nice ending if you like WTF moments. I loved how the game acted like the show being split up into episodes with cliffhangers at the end of each one and a quick recap at the start. However the game is way too short and can be beaten in a single night with most if not all the achievements following. The game offers no real replay value and Ubisoft would of been smarter to wait to make a game after the show has been on the air longer to offer more content. I got the game on a budget price and being a fan its worth playing once I guess but anywhere near full price and not being a fan of the show I would say DON'T play it.