If you see it in your bargin bin, it's cheap for a reason

User Rating: 3 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
Lost planet is one of those games which has one look on the box and one completly different game when you actually play it. When I saw the box art I thought of an immersive rpg or a horror (frozen hell) sort of game from the art, but unfortunatly I was treated to an abysmal turd of a 3rd person shooter, seriously that is the only name it deserves.

In the game you play as some acne-riddled teen/young adult named Wayne who was undergoing a mission with his father when suddenly it all goes bad, his dad dies to an alien called green eye (real origional naming capcom) and gets buried under a mountain of ice for 30 years before being rescued by a small group of space pirates, thankfully I've forgotten their names but the characters in the game are unorigional, annoying and unlovable, the most annoying of which is some 'whiz kid' who apparantly only 13, I think. The funny thing was that capcom tried to make us like this character by making it look like he died in the explosion and bringing him back halfway during the next level, wow, capcom did'nt even give us time to miss him at all, in a good storyline when a character looks like he dies they 'die' halfway through and bring them back at the end, giving us more time to miss the apparantly berieved.

But enough about the characters with as much personality as a plank of wood, let's move onto gameplay.
Wayne the hero is controlled by a third person camera, with the same bog standard controls as any shooter, but with one cool extra, the zipline.

The zipline is a grappling hook which allows Wayne to move up tall objects, or to help him zip down ledges, and it seriously is a fun and handy gadget to have, and is probably the only reason this game has three points.

The rest of the gameplay however is shoddy, Wayne moves like an arthritic old man through the levels making me reliant on the zipline to move fast, and seeing how Wayne survives on thermal energy which drains as time goes by or as Wayne gets shot to pieces by the enemy it's stupid the characters slow, for heaven's sake master cheif is covered in platemail and he moves far faster than Wayne.

Also another crappy element is the robots, now the idea of using robotic suits to help you sounds cool, but lost planet saps all the fun out of that, dodgy controls, appalling weapondry and the annoying fact THAT EVERY FRIGGING CHARACTER HAS A ROCKET LAUNCHER makes the machines pointless, also with that fact the rocket launchers produce a huge cloud of smoke so half the time you're trying to mave your character through a bucketload of smoke cause of the fact most enemies have rocket launchers and unlimited ammo, and beleive me it's far more than annoying.

Thhe only time you need to depent on them is when the bosses attack, cause they'll thrash your backside without it but capcom decide to **** up even more with this, in one particular boss fight where you have to fight a robot, you really need to use the suit to win, but instead of starting the fight in the suit you start outside of it, so while you try to clamber in as fast as you can that cow of a boss gets to take at least four cheap shots at you cause it takes ages for Wayne to use the bloody thing, could it have killed capcom to just start the fight inside the robot?

So in a nutshell Lost planet has a crappy plot, gameplay, and seriously crappy effort as if the developers thought that the smoke graphics were enough to keep us players going, it's far better to axe the series than produce a sequel cause frankly it has'nt got any real strong points.