While the game did seem kind of short, the fun made up for it!

User Rating: 8.5 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition PS3
Lost Planet was as interesting as entertaining to play. The enemies, especially bosses were fun to fight...you get a wide array of weapons to do so. The most entertaining part of playing the game is of course using the VSs (giant mechs equipped with heavy fire power)! I especially liked the one that morphed between a the typical bipedal mech and a motorbike. It was also cool to have the ability to equip or replace weapons on your current VS. This becomes vital during certain bosses and parts of the game. The only thing that really "bugged" me about this game was how much credit the characters gave the Akrid! They're just a bunch of big stupid bugs! Seriously, at some points of the game, they almost make it seem like the Akrid are a bigger threat than the primary human antagonist(s) who are smarter and much more organized. Plus, who could blame the Akrid for being pissed off?...It was their planet before you showed up and now you're trying to wipe them out by warming up the climate!

My Breakdown:

What's Good:

- Cool enemies
- Excellent and challenging boss fights
- Awesome weapons
- Using the VSs
- The Gameplay. The action and short length of the game does add to the replay value

What's Not-So-Good:

- Certain parts of the story were better than others. In the end, it was "ok"
- I've seen better graphics from the PS3
- How hard the battle was with that d@mn "Green Eye"
- Dying because I ran out of Thermal Heat!
- The game is somewhat short

What's Bad:

- Some times it feels as if the game was insulting my intelligence by making it seem like the Akrid were much more than giant insects.

- Poor Character development. There was potential for their to be so much more...especially since none of them show back up in the sequal!

In all, the good definately out weighs the bad in this game and provides the hours of fun that only shooters can! Fan's of the genre won't be disappointed.