Don't listen to the reviewer here at gamespot....

User Rating: 9.4 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
....because he's so horribly wrong about this game. Lost Planet has great graphics, a great single player campaign experience, awesome boss fights, incredible action, the best explosions ever in a video game, mechs, mechs and even more mechs, great art direction and design, great sound/music, and an epic feel that you'd come to expect from a triple-A class video game.

Game reviewers usually rush to finish a game in order to meet a deadline, and that's why review scores are always not indicative of the real quality of a game. Also, game reviews never, EVER look into multiplayer modes, and in this sense, LP also shines. It's a great counter-balance to my occasional online games of GOW.

The previews and trailers of this game, as well as the demo, very much tell you how awesome this game is. A very inspired piece of work from the geniuses at Capcom! Highly recommended!