Good Single Player, Great Multiplayer and some little flaws but overall it is a great game and it is worth to check out

User Rating: 8.3 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
This game is great and is worth to check out. Lost Planet gives you extreme intense battles for single player, I mean the battles in the game are very intense like swarms like thousands of enemies come to your paths and man it is a crazy game, also the aiming system has been improved a bit since the lost planet online demo. Although your a guy named Wayne in this game it you won't really find him great character though...well in my opinion. But at least this game has a lot of fun things like their are a lot of weapons to use in this game. Like a lot of em. Now the graphics in this game is totally awesome, the snowy blizzards, the realistic smoke effects and the enemy design and well put together. So give props to the developers for a splendid job on graphics:). The sound....well there isn't much to say about sound well the walkers in this game have a realistic sound into them and the gun fights sound pretty cool. O ya the mech robots are great heavy weapon duty bots and it explains why they are sooo slow, like it takes like 5 min to get just 10 feet. But rather that the walkers are great fun due to the heavy weapons. So single player is not bad at all although you will find the story a bit dull though but still great fun game.

Now the multiplayer is great fun and it definitely changed from the lost planet demo. There are many more people to fight and to show your skills on. The multiplayer will definitely keep you busy for awhile. So if you have a xbox 360 you should search for this game because it is worth the money.