Take it online, and you will never return!

User Rating: 9.7 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
What a game. I have seen good graphics in Call of duty and Vegas, but these....... Just, WOW. There is one level in a volcano, and you just drop your jaw at the sight of the Lava. The maps are huge, this game is worth the $65.00 you will probably play. People will compare it's lack of gore with gears, and they will hate it, but I say... Tough! This is a good game, wether it is a gore fest or not, but so far, it's the best game I have played online in the 2 weeks that I have owned my 360. You will not want to log out. The vital suits, and vehicles are fantastic. When vital suits are destroyed, you can snatch up there giant weapons and dominate the field on foot. Worth the money, and I got it for free! :)