Lost Planet is a bundle of good fun!!

User Rating: 8.4 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
Oh how I want to play this game on a hi-def TV!!! The graphics are gorgeous....beautiful scenes. I love seeing the snow-covered mountains. There's nothing like fighting epic alien battles in a snow-covered land. I'm on the fifth mission now. And I'm having a blast with this game. So far what happens is you get some mission objectives....you go through this level and blast to bits all the enemies and then at the end there's a nice big alien boss of some sort for you to conquer. The action is not too hard nor too easy...I"m playing on normal mode and it seems just right......definitely challenging. Many different weapons from bullets to lasers to energy blasts.....plus you get to pilot some really cool mech-type machines that can jump, hover, change into motorcycle type vehicles, and deliver some awesome firepower. The bosses are fun. Some of your enemies are so large you may just crap you pants when you see them. Lots of surprises. This is a very very original game. I'm really enjoying it. It is almost like being inside a great science fiction movie. The story is well-thought out and the characters are believeable. I highly recommend this game and I can't wait to get back to it. I haven't even touched the multiplayer yet so I'll try to update this when I do. But I can only imagine how fun it could be.