Ooooo So Epic!

User Rating: 7.3 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
this is a great game, if not for ONE single thing, and that is the heat energy gimmick, i do not know who came up with this idea, but more then once while playing the game and just doing incredibly well, i was cut short of my immersion by a blinking red light, signifying that my health was draining and i needed to find heat, i understand that when it comes to shooters these days you need some kind of innovation to make the sales rise but this just never gets fun at all. it seems that whenever the game would get to a fun part, my experience would be totally cut off . annoying as it is. other then that lost planet excells where other games can only dream of going, the graphics are some of the only truly NEXT GEN i have ever seen on my console and the enemy AI is enough to keep you going and going, its just a disappointment that everytime i sit down with this game i am constantly glancing at the decreasing meter.