Great game. Completely different than the games out there. If you're tired of the same old fps games, try Lost Planet.

User Rating: 7.7 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
Graphics are stunning. The story line is weak but but if you like futuristic plots this game definitely takes you to a whole new perspective. This game's puzzles are easy to defeat the level of difficulty is only extended by the amount of shots you put into the foe. The game keeps you under pressure as its health regeneration decays over time and you must continue killing or advancing to keep it from depreciating to zero. There are several different game types for the online game play. I liked Gears of War, but the repetitive game play keeps me from playing it after I beat it. The maps in Lost planet are so large there are many different avenues and things to explore. Mechwarrior feel with the armored vehicles and upright robot mechanics. Several different gun types that can be carried or equipped on the armored vehicles keep the game from being repetitive. I'm just glad its warm where I live because playing Lost Planet sends the shivers up the spine!