All there is under the pretty surface, is a boring and repeating core..

User Rating: 6.8 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
When I bought this game, I thought, I had made a good deal..
After been playing for a couple of hours, I've realised something...I was wrong...

The game has some really pretty graphics, I must say.. Even though it has a lot of white color in it, it looks really sharp. The game has the best fire effects in all of gaming history.

The sound is pretty good too, but it is when coming to gameplay, that the game starts to fall. The gameplay is really slow and extremely repeative. The weapons are cool and so are the enemies, but is feel like you get in the same fights over and over again.

Lasting appeal...well I managed to keep my interest for a couple of hours...but then again, I haven't tried the multiplayer yet...

I think, you should rent this game before buying..