This is the type off game Capcom are good at making

User Rating: 9.3 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
I played the demo and i (did not like it) then i red that it was not the real game it was just a tester this means that they just showed you what the game might b like. Once i got the game i was saying in my head once i play this i will want to take it back for a new games i put it in my 360 and loved it the enemys there are tons off them!!!! ive never seen as many HD enemys on the 1 screen in my life you also get a good lot team mates so you will never been alone :) also if your a bit off an online fan there is a lot off online ahievements for you to keep you busy also there is Co-op which i played for about an hour and loved it the games itself is solid great graphics a pretty good storyline and a lot off enemys and bosses!!! there is quite a few bosses and the good thing is that they are very hard to kill this game is mostly in the snow its 3rd person and from the start off the game tell the end its full on action. i have been playing this game for 5hours now and i have loved every minute off it any1 who likes action games should give this one a try and i hope to cya online in Lost Planet.