good shooter, new world of snow, but not quite the standard of today. could be much better,the game is so so

User Rating: 7 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
Well the review for this game, this is surely one of the most sold game in xbox 360, but I believe it is too much hype for the game itself it is not that great.

When I first played I did like a lot the environment , the snow land, and its atmosphere but after a while you get bored , while the story it is not interesting, the same bunch of monster the akrids, the game itself it is short.

What i did like was too use these roboters machines which are pretty cool and innovative where you can shoot and fly. thats great.

Gameplay: is ok sometime stiff.
Graphics: ok the snow environment looks liveable, but itself overall is outdate like a game for ps2 not xbox360
Difficulty: i would say challenging and hard, specially the boss fights. because it is not that open the place where you fight and quite confusing sometime and get stuck often.

Overal just good game, hopefully an improved sequel......with a better story and graphics.

What i say is rent it first.