great fun, but the story and length is some what lacking

User Rating: 8 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition PS3
When i first played lost planet on a demo, i was incredibly excited to buy the game, now that i have, i am satisfied to say that it has mostly lived up to my expectations. fighting alien monsters and mechs is great fun, especially when you have a mech of your own, and while there really isn't any truly original weapons, they are all a blast to use. that said, the boss battles are extremely fun...providing that the boss is an akrid, the mech bosses are less fun and sometimes cheap, taking away from the experience.the story (surprise!) is mostly a quest to reclaim your memories since you have amnesia after being in a coma for some odd decades, lacks depth, and has a disappointing end. over all, lost planet is a blast to sit down and play, and has plenty of thrills... until the disappointing finial boss