User Rating: 5.5 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition X360
This game is pretty good but can be very annoying at times. The only way to survive is to kill enemies and take their energy. This can become very annoying when trying to survive cause a hit takes even more energy away. Most of the time enemies are bigger than you and you have to aim at their weak spot which is really hard to hit. Besides having giant monsters to fight you also have to fight soldiers. Sometimes their are some many enemies around that it is impossible to dodge anything. The guns are pretty cool through like modern guns, laser guns, and even robotic suits. Lots of times monsters will come out of nowhere like coming out of mountains or the ground. Sometimes you may have to fight a boss like a soldiers evil robot or a giant creature. Robots are one of the coolest part of the game you can attach gatling guns to it or attack a chainsaw. This game is really hard but luckily their are cheat codes like invincibility or five hundred energy points. This game good but needs work.