a forgettable game that is barely good enough to play once

User Rating: 6 | Lost Planet 3 PC

i always liked to play action games. something thrilling, something that keeps me excited on a cold winter's day staying at home. lost planet 3 isn't one of them. it's like getting a lukewarm hot chocolate to keep warm but you only take it because you ran out of the good ones. that is lost planet 3. i never played the lost planet 1 or 2, but after playing this one i felt less compelled to play the other games in the series.

The game is fun, most of the time. but only during the missions when they send out swarms of enemies at you. other times you are in a slow as hell mech machine walking step by step. its really monotomous and slooooow. the mech is used to walk between mission areas and that mechanic is totally pointless! why did they make the mech so slow we'll never know. the fun factor is very good sometimes when youre exploring an abondoned ship and they send enemies scurring across the hallway. that's the most fun part.


one glaring problem is how slow a lot of the weapons in the game are. the stronger weapons the games gives you are TOO SLOW. there a some fast moving enemies in the game that were frustratingly hard to beat because they were dodging my explosive bullets. true, i could have picked a weaker but faster rate weapon but that makes the stronger slow firing weapons pointless. another thing i hated are the mech battles are really slow. figuring out how to beat an enemy in a mech was frustrating. i had to figure out how to QTE on my own. then you got a millisecond to point your mouse at the weak point as the enemy is stunned, and pick one of a dozen buttons to hit it. the QTE did not give me enough time to react. i had to figure out the good timing where the enemy would slowly flail their arm at you so you can counter attack. by the time they decide to attack i would have been finished supper.

controls are baaaad. the QTE's are confusing and if bashing "f" on your keyboard to defeat enemies sounds like fun to you youre in the minority. you got your standard fare 3rd person shooter thats good though. no complaints there. but the QTE's were over used in my opinion.

graphics were impressive. the way the snow blows into the blizzard in the wind are impressive. the atmosphere though was too much of the same thing. most of the time youre in an abondoned ship, colony, building, etc. or in a mountain. covered in snow. lots of snow. there's so much snow in this game.

the sound is uninspiring. the music is made of generic suspenseful electronic music in the background that's just there. there is a youch of western "gold rush" type music here and there that ties in with the theme of the game, though. but it's just not enough.

this game does have a mutiplayer mode in it. unfortunetly the online community on steam is non existant. 5 minutes of waiting for a random player to join me in a match yielded no people. so i cant comment on that.

the story of the game is one of its stronger points. you are put on a far a away planet. you objective is to work for a mining company to drill energy for humankind. your wife and son is at home and your character, Jim, is sending video messages with his wife back and forth. the interactions and voice acting are interesting and well acted. the story plot is preditable unfortunetly. if you think something will happen, well, most of the time your prediction will be right.

after i beat the game i dont think ill be able to play it again. it was fun as a gun shooting fast paced action game (in missions only) but there are many MANY other games i'd rather play if i want my adrenaline pumping. black ops 3, anybody?

this game is still worth picking up to play it once through, though. the story is sort of interesting and the action and suspense in the missions are good enough to warrant a single playthrough. i wasn't bored with it, but there was so much potential lost. if only the developers were more creative in taking the game to the next level instead of picking the same snow covered ruins in every level and mediocre third person shooter gameplay. ah well.