Not all is lost on this planet

User Rating: 8 | Lost Planet 3 PS3

I bought this game for half the price, and at the beginning I was disappointed... But slowly the character got my attention, people around showed their personalties, I had time to enjoy the scenery and noticed the possibilities.

The game offers decent exploration, and a feeling of being on a real ice planet. You have a huge robot at your disposal (its really a robot - e.g. worker - not fighter) or you can get out and do some fighting, story and characters were something I will remember for quite some time and possibly return back to.

The minuses are movement of the character, who sometimes seem unable to hit anything (ok, I know that when I'm running backwards I cannot turn my torso 180 degrees and shoot back at enemies), dodge button requires some time to get used to... And... lots of loading, really... when you return to base and want to move further with one of your side-quests you have to pass 3-4 loading screens to get to Dr. Kovacs and another 3-4 to get back to your robot. And when you die, the game loads... shows you some animation (which cannot be skipped) and then you can try again....

But still... I liked the world, the story and the feeling I got from the game, so I could ignore the minuses and enjoy the game. For lowered price its really worth trying.