User Rating: 4.5 | Lost Planet 3 PC
Before I play the game, I pretend this will going be something new that will not have any connection from previous of the series. Well I expect something new and enjoyable, but just in 3 hours playing I get sick of bored. It seems I really "lost" in this planet!

Starting with stories that not have much appeal value to be followed. Story have important point in games and this game failed to delivered it, no thrill, no excitement, no wow!. Its just like I watch 'Expendables', its so generic.

Graphic is more or less good but damn shame, animation character too stiff, emotion and mimic of character makes dialog and conversation boring. The NPC and other thing in environment looks not lively and lacks of art also many glitch in shadow and NPC as well. The other thing that to take notes like physic when you do grappling hook is so weird, odd mecha and sound effect is lack of creativity.

Gameplay is not much to tell, its just some of generic third person shooter, you can take mecha free ride to complete every objective in not so 'half open' world area and discover some credit for upgrading your weapon and rigs, do mini games and beat boss. Same old good formula but I don't know why I can't enjoyed in this game, somehow it should be better.

Its like this game not being polished well, half-baked. I really hope some day this series take by another developer and will be reboot, remake or whatever and bring back every good memories like when the first come out. The first is still the best in series.