It's a great shooter for the ps3. Even better with co-op.

User Rating: 8.5 | Lost Planet 2 PS3
I only heard about this game from a couple of friends and they said it was good fun so I decided to get it for the heck of it. I was really afraid though that I probably wasted my money on a terrible game due to all the reviews saying that this game was a waste, so it was gamble. Turns out that the odds were in my favor.

The fights are fun and I love how the guns have a punch to it and it feels powerful.
You got the basic weapons. You have Machine Guns, Pistols, Rocket Launcher, Rifle, etc. Then you have the awesome VS that make combat interesting. The backgrounds and landscape in the game are just gorgeous. Whether you are in a jungle, or a city, it does't feel drab at all and it is amazing. I also love how you get all these achievements in game for doing specific things. Examples are getting a headshot kill streak, or posing after a mission, or giving T-ENG to your comrades etc. The Harmonizer that heals your health is pretty cool too just find a place where your safe to use it otherwise you won't be able to at all. The Anchor makes the game fun too and it can give you more freedom to explore and stuff. You also earn credits at the end of the mission that you can use to customize your online character.

The game although is pretty difficult to me. Some missions seem almost near impossible but you can retry and you'll get it eventually. I also dislike how when you lose all your Battle Gauge points you have to start over the entire mission from the beginning, and that sometimes get annoying but not much.

I think this game was great, and it is even better when you have a friend to play co-op with. Overall it is a fun shooter and great to pass the time with.