Simply put - don't buy this game

User Rating: 3 | Lost Planet 2 X360 should know that this review is based on little game play for a very good reason...It was a total waste of time.
Clumsy, lazy game design. Initially when i started it up i was left thinking 'where the hell is the campaign?' It appeared as if it was just online multiplayer only. After some fooling around I discovered that you have to toggle the game into offline mode. Lazy guys, just plain lazy.
To get into the game i began the training modes and they sucked ass. Really really boring obstacle courses and I began to realize right away that this game wasn't for me.
How did I know that? The movement sucks. It's clumsy, and for a game that seemed to sell itself on fast multiplayer action I could tell right away that the game engine just wasn't going to get the job done. Turning speed is so slow that the game throws in an extra turn option using the bumpers that turns the player 90 degrees instantly. Guys, thats just not precise enough for modern gamers. We are a competitive bunch, we need precise controls.

Who was the genius that decided to make the D pad the zoom. Just use Left trigger or thumbstick zoom guys please...keep it simple and consistent with modern games..we have spent years playing games with a certain configuration..after a while the brain just tends to want to map itself to those configurations, departing from that for no good reason tends to piss us off a little. Sure we can adapt no problem but part of you always wishes the game used standard controls. If you were trying to prove a point with that then you failed.
All of these control issues were fine and forgivable in 2006 when the first game hit but in 2011 it doesn't wash.

I began the first mission and was thrust into a really boring 'Mech' type need to start with a 'wow' factor fellas...thats gaming 101.

I didn't see a point in continuing...the control scheme is not up to modern standards..if you want a great thrid person template to model your control scheme on then copy 'Star Wars Battlefront 2'. They nailed it 6 years ago and i have no idea what you guys have been doing since that time....some people may love this game...but serious gamers will find nothing here.