Its so underrated! The monsters are awsome, the guns are heavy And don't get me started on the bossfights!

User Rating: 10 | Lost Planet 2 PC
There is just something plain fun about endlessly blastin huge Son-of-a-gun monsters right in face and not only that if you shoot off it't leg or something it just grows back! The only problem i have with this game is that the level design can sometimes be confusing but hah no one is perfect!
I admit the story is not going to win any awards, but at least they tried!
The sniper rifle in this game is hard to aim with and generally sucks however the shotgun is easy to aim with and is awsome, Use the shotgun!
The boss fights are simply awsome, and the semi anti-gravity levels are a blast. And the final level is so awsome I think my head nearly exploded!
If you have a ichy trigger finger and love Sci-fi this is your game!!
Why on earth are you still readin this review? Go find a copy and buy it!