One of my 2010 top three and makes my all time list! Mainstream reviewers are all on CRACK! Co-op is king here!

User Rating: 10 | Lost Planet 2 PS3
This one slipped by my radar when it released in 2010 and luckily the community of Playfire notified me of this gem when I casually asked for some multiplayer suggestions. Lost Planet 2 has a campaign mode where up to 4 players can play co-op online. In fact whether you have 4 real players or not, you'll have 4 characters fighting together with each character controlled by AI if not controlled by a player (you can choose to turn the AI off). This is a good indication that Lost Planet 2 was written with co-op play in mind from the ground up. In fact, after playing the campaign with anywhere from 2 to 4 players, I HIGHLY recommend that you have at least three players in the game. The difficulty of the game increases significantly if you don't have some sort of coordinated team effort and the game is very challenging by default. For me, this is a big plus as I personally LOVE a challenge and conquering toughies like this is really satisfying.

Lost Planet 2 has a very clear theme: Everything about this game is BIG – Big guns, big explosions, and BIG, BIG, BADASS bosses. Players are also given the opportunity to pilot multi-seat, ass-kicking mechs (called "VS"es) along with other players. Blasting baddies in these heavy-duty suits is so gratifying, it's sweet. All this with the point, luck-style unlock system and RPG style leveling makes Lost Planet 2 one of my ALL TIME favorites!

Although controls are different than most standard fare shooters, after a little time spent, I grew to like the control setup. Because of the added abilities and just the way things work in this game I think the control setup works well... EXCEPT when you're close to a Data Pod or VS and want to Melee a baddie. Activating Data Pods/VSes is Circle... and so is melee. This is my ONLY gripe regarding controls. This happens so rarely however that I don't really notice it.

-The online multiplayer versus modes feels a little cheap at times as it's more about knowing a few tricks to stay alive. You'll need to have unlocked some better weapons to really compete in online PvP modes. It is fun though after getting some experience!
-Playing single player campaign will be VERY frustrating. The AI guys are not that great.

I've put more than 100 hours of time into this one and counting. Probably 90% of it with my buddies in co-op. I'm STILL finding new things to do in Lost Planet 2. Just when I thought I had found all the VSes I find another new one hidden in a corner! Check your VS manuals: Most have special abilities!

I highly recommend this for anyone that loves Co-op!

My note to the mainstream reviewers:
Thanks a lot for screwing up our chances of getting a third installment in this fantastic series. Punks! I'm completely befuddled at your conclusions. Did we play different games with the same name? Maybe you should try playing again with a couple of friends?