Can't belive the low rating!! LP2 is actually very good,

User Rating: 8 | Lost Planet 2 PC
I Loved this game , and not everything amazes me anymore.I just loved the gameplay and level design, great soundtrack and good sound effects. Capcom can still deliver a great game, those people who say it's broken ,well.. the controles are a little strange, but you can tweak the around easy and play this game on a keyboard without any problems. Also put your mouse acceleration up to 32 and you'll be fine.

The story maybe not the most original but what is new and original in a world like this. Every 3rd person shooter is either a clone of Gears of War ,or the FPS of Call of Duty. Well before that there was Max Payne and Doom.So everything is a copy of a copy.

I like this game because it looks and sounds and plays extremely well. Retro-Sci fi all the way.The bosses will take up your entire screen.I felt i was playing an "Contra" game but in 3d with those giant bosses in the middle of the level and they keep getting bigger, the world on lost planet is pure awesomeness, the weapons and characters are really cool. I recommend this game!