it seems Ice and multiplayer was the only difference from the previous one....

User Rating: 3 | Lost Planet 2 PC
Aside from the graphics, the game doesn't introduce anything new, some new lame repetitive boss battles and multiplayer features.

Combating soldiers is very shallow and totally lacks any action-fun elements. you basically just run and shoot until they die, there is no challenge at all, and when there is no challenge, the game falls short.

battling Akrids is annoying and slow, most bosses got huge HP, and you just keep on hitting the bright spots until they eventually crack down and die. "OMG look its a Cat G Akrid, what should we do? just shoot the same spots slowly and slowly, until they fall".
even smaller akrids are no fun at all, you just keep on running and shooting with your buddies, and that's it, the level is over.

sometimes, the game get interesting in some situations, due to level designs and some new weaponry, but Lost Planet 2 doesn't know how to keep that.

there are some levels which are totally pointless, take about 5 minuets, even though you check everything in the map.

I don't have to activate Data posts in every single level, I know it increases the battle Gauge, but shouldn't the B-Gauge be related to combat and skill superiority rather than Data posts?
basically, YOU MUST activate Data posts, it seems its the only objective in the game, it capture enemy positions, control trains, and hack enemy mainframes.

The Vs, which is suppose to be the highlight of the game, is limited in game play periods, and controlling the Vs should of been more flexible, faster and more entertaining, battling enemy Vs is really broken, since the AI is broken, they just keep on jumping and switching between targets while taking damage from you, and if your standing from a distance, you can easily take them with a rocket launcher, and they would stand still like nothing is happening, and if you shoot a bunch of enemy soldiers, other enemies who are standing 50 meters long would show no reaction to gun fire or noise, which makes you really frustrated.

The Episodes thingy was some how different, but the story is blurry, and playing with different factions doesn't introduce any new game play methods or specialties.

at least they would of made a new machine gun that sounds better and makes you eager to shoot!

Want my advice, keep this game the last option for you at this time, I'm sure there are many stuff out there that is more fun.