Amazing game as per usual don't believe gamespot review they give it a bad review probably because they can't play it

User Rating: 9 | Lost Planet 2 PS3
I'll be honest I played the demo and found it very clunky I don't know if it was bugs or glitches that they fixed but the character didn't "move" as well as he actually does in the full game and I heard that the full game hadn't changed much since the demo so didn't buy it but played it in my mates last night and when I played the game I just thought Oh My God! this is amazing I will admit this is a hard game at times and you kinda rely on the 4 player co op but this makes it fun. The other reviews that give this bad reviews due to be "frustrating" probably just can't play games well enough and as for the gamespot review I am seriously getting sick of them giving games reviews. They can't even play games properly it seems that any game that they can't play they give it a bad review looking at gamespots review now looking at the bad points AI is fine don't get me wrong the friendly AI do get annoying at times but doesn't all friendly AI? the enemy AI is fine from what I've seen they shoot at me, hide when I'm shooting at them and have a pretty good aim. I don't understand that one "Relies too much on taking control away from the player" I was in control the whole time are yous talking about the big rail cannon level? I really enjoyed that level and throughtout the whole game I have been in "control" the character the only time I wasn't in control was during cutscenes and FMVs but thats in all games.