Lost planet colonies/Lost planet 2

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Is anyone out there still playing at least one of these games on Xbox 360 online. I want to play these again online as it was my favourite game. Please, all I need is 8 people to reply with yes :)
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Add me to your friends list if you still play/would like to play a couple custom LP2 games.  I have 3 other friends that could potentially join in a pinch.

My gamertag is: Sidewinder202

It would be neat if there'd still be some players left who'd have some of the expansions...I had tried ~2 years ago to post around on some forums and plan ahead to host a few Frozen Wasteland games.  It took awhile, but we could only ever get about 8 players at once...and most of the time those people spammed the energy gun.  It got quite annoying on a huge, VS filled map.