Very creative game

User Rating: 8 | Lost in Shadow WII
I've finished Lost in Shadow (AKA A Shadow's Tale) today.

- You control the shadow of a boy who was executed - but his shadow is still alive. The shadow wakes up with no memories of what happened but he knows he needs to climb the big tower.

+ Simple but creative story
+ Artistically beautiful.
+ I had no issues with the camera angle.
+ The main scenarios are very detailed.
+ The game gets much better after its half with better puzzles
+ Cheaper than normal wii games
+ It's Lengthy. I've finished it and completed 95,7% of it in about 18 hours.

- The puzzles of the first half are simple
- There is no motivation to seek for the "lost memories" and complete the game 100%. Those "lost memories" are not interesting. There should've had a better reward for those who like to explore the game.

Overall I'd give the game a 8/10.