Lost in Shadows is like a roller coaster. You really don't know what to expect.

User Rating: 8 | Lost in Shadow WII
The first twenty five minutes of Lost in Shadows is great. The opening cut-scene is fantastic, and the menus are filled with style and pizazz. For the first five levels, you are greeted with tons of new game play features and little tricks your shadow can pull off. But after a while, some of these start to get a little boring. But not all is lost, as every 5 or so levels, a new trick is added to the book. Another thing that threatens to make Lost in Shadows another sub par Wii game is the lack of real difficulty. They would of been better off just having one difficulty and the game getting harder as you progress. Instead, they have the usual easy, medium, and hard. But the real difficulty in the game is navigating the map and remembering where you saw those pesky little keys.
But there is one thing Lost in Shadows got right. The atmosphere in Lost in Shadows is amazing! From the menus to the cut-scenes to the great music (there is not a lot just because it would ruin the spooky aura the game gives off) to the creepy characters that will be trying (and succeeding) to kill you.