Lost the Game for Mobile , The mystery goes further on you're mobile phone

User Rating: 7.5 | Lost MOBI
Lost the game for mobile is made by gameloft.

Lost the game is the 1st season that is made in Game.

You are a player called Jack.
You're first mission starts already in full panic , you need to rescue the survivors of the crashed plain.

Sometimes this is hard.
While you do this first mission you will learn to know what buttons you need to use in this game.

After you saved the survivors you learn to know some of the survivors.
The cutscenes of the game are conversations before the mission where you see everytime, someone talks , the picture of the person who is talking.

In the game you need to find food , solve secrets , work with the radio , search for other people and while you do this missions you need to solve missions.

This game is very good structured and shows how the season goes.
The game has good graphics and is worth playing.

This game gets a 7.5/10

Hope you like the game and my review