Although Lost is a little on the short side, great gameplay and big variety of missions really make it worth playing

User Rating: 8.3 | Lost MOBI
Imagine yourself in a plane as it crashes and leaves you in a famous, mysterious island. 27 people experienced that in real life – they’re all that’s left after the crash of flight 815. I am not that much of a fan of Lost – the television show, but I know a bit of the story. After finding out a mobile game is released featuring the same story and characters, I got to try it out. As short as it is on the Nokia 7210, it offers a great experience. Although Lost looks great on other mobile phones, a short description on what happened is the only introduction to the game on the 7210 - you don’t get to see the plane crash or anything. It’s bland, but the Nokia's S40 series isn’t as powerful as the S60 one, anyway.

You play as one of the survivors, Jack. As you start the game, you’ve to meet up with the others – Kate, and Locke, and Hurley. Although there are more NPCs, these are the only friendlies you’ll meet in-game. Not at once - some of them are still lost in the island, and you’ll get to find them all. There are fourteen chapters in total, and they’re all pretty fun and original, as you get to do quite some different things - explore the island, run from Smoke Monsters, evade boars, and so on. The only problem is, the game doesn’t last for long - pretty much all the chapters can be passed in less than three minutes, hence the game’s length varies from thirty to forty minutes.

The controls not only let you move up, down, left, and right, but also diagonally, which is great since you'll need to move fast, escaping the Smoke Monsters - letting them catch you kills you in a second. They aren’t your only enemies in-game - you’ll get to face some wild boards, snakes and even the island’s inhabitants, which don’t seem to be too friendly. Eliminating enemies is not a big challenge, actually - pushing rocks onto snakes kill them; same goes for boars – push one into a trap and he’s dead meat. Rocks play quite a big role in gameplay - sometimes a passage may be blocked by pits or leaf traps, so you’ve to pull a rock onto them to pass. Getting used to the controls of moving rocks can be a bit tricky when you start playing, but after some practice they’re a piece of cake.

Jack won’t go alone unarmed. During the first chapters, you’ll get to use Locke’s knife, later – a pistol with unlimited ammo. Although these are the only weapons you’ll get to use, they both come in very handy - the pistol obviously lets you shoot boars and other creatures that attack you, while the knife lets you kill enemies unobserved. You heard that right - there’s a stealth mission in Lost, where you’ll get to save Kate from inhabitants in a camp. Since enemies can’t see you when you’re out of their sight, you can perform stealth kills when hidden in tall grass. This is another gameplay element that makes the game more dynamic and interactive - the two things that make the game more fun to play. In fact, tall grass can even be cut with the knife, which is necessary in one quest where you’ve to stop the grass from catching fire.

The sound in Lost is very well done - there is a variety of short tracks in-game. They play when you start the game or a mission, complete it, kill an enemy, etc. The graphics are nice to look at, as well - everything in-game looks colorful, and the models of non-player characters are pretty detail. Dialogue takes place in the game, as well, and the conversations are not just the “Go there and do that” type, therefore you get into the game easier. All in all, Lost is a fun, polished mobile game with great gameplay, visuals and sound. If you’re a Lost fan, it's definitely worth the download. Hack, even if you’re not, you won’t get bored with the game, anyway, even though it’s way on the short side - the variety of missions really make it worth playing.