Lords of the Realm II Cheats For PC

  1. Receive Faster Letter Replies

    After you have sent a message to any one of the nobles, save your game then reload. You will get the reply in the same season you sent them.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  2. Integer rollover for happiness

    If a province is losing around 160 happiness per season from taxes, the -160 happiness will rollover to about +120 happiness. This will be shown directly in the tax box. Additional taxes lower the 120.
    The only way to get -160 happiness for taxes is to have about 7 provinces all at 50% tax becuse of the -15 happiness to all counties for each one and the -50 for itself. Then, not only will you have an almost unlimited income, you will have a huge happiness bonus for all provinces. Not immensely useful- you need 7 procinces for it to work, but it's fun to do at the end of a game.
    Also, watch out for happiness itself's rollover. Once I had a province with 100 happiness and getting 30 happiness/turn, and the next turn it went to 0- another rollover. Don't worry, when at 0, the happiness will start to go up again, but it is unsettling for a turn or two.

    Contributed by: Xyxer 

  3. Hex Editor Cheats

    In order to complete these cheats, you will need to have a hex editor installed on your computer. You will need to find your saved Lords of the Realm 2 game. Should be somewhere in Program Files. C://Program Files/Sierra/Lords 2/save1 "save1" will be whatever you put in the save game field when saving your game. Once opened there will be a long list of numbers and letters. Find the following numbers and change the values to FF in order to gain the correlating cheat.

    Effect Effect
    14B80, 14B81, 14B82 16.7 Million Gold
    14BB8, 14BB9 65K Bows
    14BA8, 14BA9 65k Crossbows
    14B88, 14B89 65K Iron
    14BBC, 14BBD 65K Knights Armor
    14BAC, 14BAD 65K Maces
    14BB4, 14BB5 65K Pikes
    14B90, 14B91 65K Stone
    14BB0, 14BB1 65K Swords
    14B98, 14B99 65K Wood

    Contributed by: beldrauka 

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