Lords Of What?

User Rating: 4 | Lords of Football PC

Game is trying to show you something new to the genre, but I don't think it succeed at least at this time. The game, has been pretty interesting thinking that you need think about your players not only on the pitch but also outside it. So question comes, where is the problem?

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First of all, the license. It was pretty obvious that they will use already existing teams and just change the names and looks (like PES only they did better) , but it is so annoying and in longer period it is really depressing that you can play with your favorite player how you want. In the end you feel, like you are not in charge or like they say, you are not a lord of football. Because your team is fake, and your progress feels the same.

After this comes even more. The footballer live has been separated in 3 parts, training, night life and the game time. Training is the longest period and most boring. You are giving your players a tasks, what they need to learn and raise there skills. It would be pretty normal think, if not the lack of variations of tasks. Yeah off-course, you need fight with addictions, health problems , different training and everything else, but all comes to one thing, you feel like playing dinner dash.

Besides it, developers tried to make game in funny way. It's not a bad thing at least if you know at what focuses, the game main goal or the funny part.

There is no much more to say, so will end at half a good thing, the match has great option to set tactic on the go, is pretty sweet and interesting future. Sometimes you miss this kind option in FM14, but it a little bit, but destroy a taste of reality.