psp lord of arcana review

User Rating: 8.5 | Lord of Arcana PSP
i thought the game was really good I'm a fan of the monster hunter type games i found this game to be a cross between monster hunter and final fantasy: crises core and i am a huge fan of both games so this was perfect for me I'd give it 8 -8.5 out of 10 for my full review on youtube click here

About the game:
I really liked the game one thing i personally liked was the armor and weapons the way it was designed the armor looked amazing as well as the weapons. As like monster hunter it has the "village" pretty much the same kind as monster hunter for those of you who don't know it consists of an armor and weapon shop where you can perches armor and weapons. As well as make and upgrade them
there is also a general shop for potions and other stuff then u have a bank and next to it is where you get your quests and opposite is the online hall where you can share quest's with other members. Last but not least the hall which is where the arcana or bosses are

The quests and arcana:
The quest's easy to start of with but as you go on you get more monsters which are a lot harder one monster that i found the hardest was the "griffin" if you have fought it you know what i mean. As for the arcana they are the bosses so you can expect them to hard most of them are easy once you find there "pattern" once you do enough damage to the arcana you will enter a melee duel which is just when you have to push the buttons on the screen as they appear.

Weapon types:
you have different types of weapons on this game you have just the normal sward and shield type which is for fast attacking. then you have the 2h swards (two handed) this is a lot slower but damn can it pack a hit and dose a lot of damage. you have the battle axes (may personal favorite) they are also two handed but are faster then a 2h and dose a lot of damage. you also have gun lances i personally cant use them but it might be your weapon and last but not least you have the mace's i find grate they have a good attack and are fast so good choice of weapon

So that's all for now thanks for reading and if you watched my video
from: wacky95 A.K.A boshlover95