the game is way to easy until a point in the game just as you get into chapter 4, the game get dull after this point

User Rating: 5 | Lord of Arcana PSP
The game is basically the same as Monster hunter and Gods eater the only difference being able to gain levels on your character, sword proficiency and magic proficiency. this game is very dull if you are playing by yourself, I wouldn't advise buying this game, it is very disappointing. the game lacks originality. The one good thing about the game is that you can fully customize your character with only a few different selections, of how your character looks, what weapon you want your avatar to wield and what armour your character is wearing. the game does have a multitude of monster to slay with many mission to complete, with the option to download newer ones when they are released. for a PSP game the graphics are pretty good, the storyline to this game is very basic, the game can be difficult ( as other games such as Monster hunter )if only playing with one character this means that you cannot do much apart from redoing older missions, this becomes very boring.