Dear Square enix, why am i a little disapointed? less then good, why? This game isn't good but it isn't that bad

User Rating: 5 | Lord of Arcana PSP
"Lord of Arcana"
Sigh. . less then good, why? This game lacks one thing that every other game has, and that is being able to "Pause" during a mission. And what else Not enough detail when it comes to customizing characters, face, hair, skin color, voice, and hairstyle, witch is sadly not enough to cut it for me. The entire time I was playing this game it felt like a more mature version of "Phantasy Star" than "Monster Hunter" due to the fighting stlye and format. One thing I do like about this game is the fighting is flashy and I like how blood gets on the screen, but thats it. It's a pain trying to dodge enemy attacks, as well as using the same spell over and over again. -GAMEPLAY
Not the best it can be, alot similar to "Phantasy Star" take a quest witch is either gathering items, or slaying monsters. Battles aren't really that exciting, but combos are cool to watch. dodging can be upsetting because you have to hold down X and tap the analog, when in most action games holding down to direction you want to go and tapping the X botten to dodge, so it takes a little getting use to after you died a few hundred times. After a few hours the game can get boring because over time you just doing the same thing, doesn't offer anything new over time.

Just OK, but its the music i have a problem with. With games like these you have to have engaging fight music to keep it exciting and get you in the mood to want to go all out. Unfortunatly this game doesn't have that type of music.

One word "BOring" the story doesn't make you want to progress in the game.

Rating: "Alright" im disapointed that Square enix took the time to make this game and it didn't turn out great. One thing I noticed about Square is that they keep there games "Original". Iv'e always wanted them to go above and beyond in making a Awesome RPG that is apealing to everyone. A good example of going above and beyond "Kingdom Hearts" because of it's creativity, and it being so unique and different then most games. I think this game could have been alot better if they had spent more time devloping a better story, and more customization with you characters as well as the battle system, being able to jump and do areial combos, and choosing during battle what spells you want to use instead of just using one the entire quest. This game isn't good but it isn't that bad, but it could have been lot better.